Sustainable Solutions - Fibre Poet Attends the Noco Hemp Expo

Sustainable Solutions - Fibre Poet Attends the Noco Hemp Expo

In April, Fibre Poet traveled to Colorado to exhibit at the Noco Hemp Expo. A wide variety of industrial hemp businesses were gathered for this remarkable trade show. Attendees were greeted by the "Hemp Road Trip" bus, on a mission to spread the good word about hemp across the US.


On the way to the hemp summits was the BMW with door panels composed of hemp fibre. 

 So many friendly people and fabulous booths, the vibe was awesome! What about medical cannabis? The NOCO Hemp Expo had no medical cannabis, everything here was industrial hemp, which means THC content under 3%. 

Here is an example of industrial hemp fibre. It has many uses like fabric, yarns. paper,  plastics. Did you know the US Constitution was written on hemp paper? (photo courtesy of Sunstrand) 


If you need a great hat made of 100% hemp try one by "Don't Smoke My Hat"! You can't smoke a Fibre Poet t-shirt either, but you can machine wash it and wear it for a long time.
You get the idea, Industrial Hemp is a sustainable solution for the planet!

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