Feel the Aloha

Feel the Aloha

What does Aloha mean anyway? How can it refresh our outlook, even when we're not in an ideal location or state of mind?

I visited the island of Oahu in May of 2018, and later based my 2019 Collection on colors of Hawaii. I chose Hibiscus Pink, Seafoam Green, Orchid Ombre, and Rainbow for my Aloha Tunics.The rich and vibrant colors in local flora and the ocean itself were an inspiration, and later wearing these colors reminded me of my stay. I wanted to share the feeling of Aloha in these clothes.

Being on the island and experiencing it's beauty is an easier way to understand the true meaning of Aloha.

I came upon the following description while reading a local Hawaiian newspaper. It will resonate with many of us in the yoga community. Uniting heart and mind and acting with compassion is what we are striving for with our practice along with toning our bodies.

"On a spiritual level, Aloha is an acknowledgement of the Divinity which dwells within and without us. It comes from the core, the roots of "alo", meaning "presence, front or face, and the "ha" meaning Divine breath, thereby combining the two means "the presence of the Divine Breath." *

It may not always be possible to take a vacation, but we can always take a breath and feel the Aloha.

*Abu Isa, Leina'ala. "The Aloha spirit of Hawai'i..."  Ka WaiOla the Living Water of Oha [Honolulu] May 2018: p. 23


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