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Welcome to Fibre Poet.

At Fibre Poet we are dedicated to the earth just like you. Each step on our process, every choice we make is made with the intention of leaving the lightest possible footprint on our planet. That's why all of our clothing is made with natural fiber fabrics like hemp, organic cotton and bamboo. For consumers concerned about dyes in their clothes, all styles we offer are available in Natural. 

We employ contemporary american tie dye and a traditional japanese shibori resist to accent our line of clothing. Our low impact dye process consumes less water. We also use fully biodegradable detergents to wash our hand dyed clothing offering a more gentle and minimal impact on the environment. 

Fibre Poet is a fully licensed California Garment Manufacturer. This means that we are guided by and adhere to the highest environmental protection laws and labor standards in the United States. Follow us on Twitter for the latest sustainable fashion news.

Whether you practice yoga, take dance class, or just maintain an active lifestyle like us, you know that choosing ethically made clothing using high-quality organic cotton and luxury hemp fiber fabrics that will last more than one season is a wise investment that helps make a difference.

Browse our collection of great women's boho chic style jackets. You will also find tops and shorts for yoga and dance for sale in our store. All our clothing is designed to compliment your active lifestyle and commitment to our natural world. 

*Hemp clothing is not a source of CBD, is non psychoactive and safe to wear for all ages.